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Vienna - The Summer Hunting Lodge

[box] I am about to go explore more of the Umbria here in Italy. When I’m travelling new parts of Europe I am usually reminded of a trip I took back in 2003 with my sister and 3 of my best friends. It was a time when Europe was still new to me, and I saw it with a fresh perspective, seeing how everything was different from Canada. Here is one of the posts from the blog kept on that trip.[/box]

31 MAY 2003 – The Things We’re Loving About Europe

Remember this phrase: Die Rechnung, bitte, it will save you 2 hours at any given restaurant.Here are all the wonderful things you are missing:

Live piano music wafting over our cafe as we ate dinner.
Huge mugs with 1L of beer.
Friendly natives escorting us to the beer.
Nice hot sunny weather.
Vienna festival, 200 band members giving a free concert in the park.
Ripped breakdancing men.
Beautiful architecture.
Striking, well dressed women.
Nicole’s sophisticated sense of humor (read potty mouth) appreciating the German word for Vienna – Wien(er).
Zara (Michelle’s favorite store, don’t worry K we haven’t let her in – yet).

And wonderful surprises that make Europe different from Canada, such as topless girls in thongs laying on the palace lawn sunning. (in Vienna).  As Shannon said best “WHOA” (note to selves: universal translation for ‘Whoa’ is ‘Whoa’). Grown men with backpacks full of flowers cycling down the streets of ancient Salzburg. Cello players entertaining shopping pedestrians. Amazing markets with a plenitude of fresh picked produce. Fast, efficient trains. Beer that is cheaper than pop and can be found everywhere. Even MacDonalds.Tomorrow will find us hanging at the Summer Hunting Lodge in Vienna.

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01 JUNE 2003 – The Summer Hunting Lodge, Vienna

Turns out the “Summer Hunting Lodge” was actually the Schönbrunn Palace, a former imperial 1,441-room Rococo summer residence in Vienna. Our bad. But half the rooms weren’t even gilded. Honestly.  After frolicking in the gardens and posing artistically by the fountains it was time to head back to the city.

LisaB, LisaG, Michelle, Shannon all climbed up the steeple of a Gothic church downtown Vienna, because it’s not a trip if you don’t climb something! Five minutes of climbing up a spiral staircase = awesome views. Also sweaty.

Tomorrow: we say goodbye to Vienna and Austria and hit Bratislava in Slovakia, so our newfound German vocabulary (spokenzie English?) will go unused for a bit.