Bluenose Girl

A UK Christmas Tradition - TV Adverts

Here in the UK Christmas stuff starts showing up in the shops a tad early, in August. However you know the Christmas season has truly kicked off when the Christmas ads start on TV. I’m not talking about any ads these are somewhat like the ads you see at half-time of the Superbowl, you want to see them to see them try to outdo each other. There is extra thought put into the advertisers in hope of being that years favourite.

Last year this was my favourite the little boys anticipation is something I think we can all remember, but the end has a twist which will make you go awww.

The Walk of Shame – I like this one because it is so true to life and yes British girls go out in December in short little dresses with no coat. I have no idea how they survive the winter.

This year this one is looking like the favourite so far – The Journey.