Bluenose Girl

Turkey - Dalyan

Since the trip to Slovenia went so well I decided to book a second and longer trip with Adventurea, this time looking for some sun. Turkey fit the bill for when I could travel and it is somewhere warm. There was enough time-out in the itinerary for relaxing and recovering from another exhausting football season at Sky Sports. So I put down my deposit and booked my fights.

Once I arrived a the gate at Gatwick airport, I checked out the crowd trying to figure out who might be part of the group. As it turned out I didn’t have to wait long to find out, the seating had been arranged for us and I was sitting amongst the group so I got to know 2 of the group I was sitting with before landing in Turkey.

The group was a varied one and everyone brought something different to the group.  It made for a great week getting to know the others, exploring Dalyan, trying some new activities and relaxing.  My favouites were the Turkish bath and hot springs and mud baths. Canyoning pushed me to the edges of my comfort zone with ledges and cold water, as did Karaoke! There was lots of time spent on various boats and a couple hours on a beach with surf that was big enough to be fun but not scary.  The water was the perfect temperature and nice and clear.

Beautiful scenery.
Roman Ruins, those Romans, where have they not been?
The sheep have made themselves at home.
Mud baths and thermal hot springs my favourite.
It was deemed too hot for mountain biking so we went canyoning instead. Yes, it is as high as it looks, and that water is pounding down as you try to grab the rope. Testing the limits.
There was lots of karaoke. 
One of our many boat excisions.
I would definitely recommend Turkey, great weather, fantastic food, friendly locals who mostly understand English.  I look forward to returning and seeing more of the country.