Bluenose Girl

Top 3 iphone Apps - April

Each month I will share with you my 3 favourite apps on my iphone. Here are April’s top 3.

*Instigram *- Such fun to share your photos in a crative way.  There are various filters you can add to your photos to change the look and feel of them, and then you post them to share with others. It is also ispiring to see the beautiful photos others have taken.

Angry Birds- I think this game will be around for a while, a true classic. Such a simple concept, and people of all ages seem to enjoy this game of sling shooting birds to kill pigs. It has helped save me from bordom on many an underground train.

TweetDeck – with my twitter activity having picked up a lot over the past 2 months this app has been great in helping me organize everyone I follow and the key words I’m interested in by creating columns so I can group people/keywords as I like.