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My Travel Top 3 Wish List

Machu Picchu1
I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a great deal over the years. Yet it seems the more I travel the more itchy my feet get to see more of this fascinating world.

In the past my trips mostly came about due to opportunity striking usually in the form of an amazing deal or friends and family’s travel plans driving the destination. This has lead to discovering places I might not have otherwise travelled to. Riga is the perfect example of this, my sister was travelling there due to her partner’s work leading him there and I joined them for a weekend. Riga it turns out is a hidden gem with an interesting history, culture, art and architecture.

However there are a few trips I’ve longed to go on for many years. Some are about activities (cycling, hiking, scuba diving). Some are about the destination, this list is my top 3 destinations bucket list (the complete list is much longer).

Greek Islands

windstar boat Greece is a place I’ve always heard good things about, I love the beach and I’m a fan of Greek food. I blame the many photos of Santorini with it's white washed buildings nestled together next to the vivid blue skies for getting the Greek Islands onto this list. It's here I dream of sitting with a nice glass of wine watching the sun set against such a beautiful backdrop.

Idealy I would travel the Greek Islands via boat. Something like that of the Windstar ships, small (only a couple hundred people) and comfortable. This way I wouldn’t have to choose just one island but could experience many and find a favourite to return to for a longer visit. My expectations for the Greek Islands are high, I expect to like it enough to return.

Peru - Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
(Photo by Szeke)

Brazil was my first major trip yet South America still seems like such a mystery to me. You don’t hear much about it in the news and I don’t know many who have been but it has so many interesting places and few crowds.

Machu Picchu inparticular has always caught my imagination making me wonder who would build a village so high, so well, what happened to lead to it's demise, and why it took so long to discover. I know when I get there I’ll take “the money shot” knowing the 2D image won’t do the beauty of the sight justice or capture the magic of the location. I think Machu Picchu is one of those places you have to go to in person to appreciate how special it really is.

Africa - Safari

safari tent Lions, tigers, zebra and a luxury camp. Going on amazing adventures in the day with a luxury retreat to relax and recharge after.

During my days as a travel agent I saw so many brochures of amazing Safari base camps. These "camps" had accommodation up on stilts looking out over the savanna. Usually with large windows to make the most of the stunning vistas and perfect for watching sun sets/sun rises. A a luxurious bed and usually a pool of some sort rounds out the amenities. I see this as a trip I will take later in life, when I can make sure to do the luxury version and enjoy myself to the fullest.

I've put this list together as my entry for Transun's contest I hope you've enjoyed it.