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The Maritimes Makes Lonely Planet's Lop 10 List of Regions to Visit in 2012

Nova Scotia, Peggy's Cove LighthouseI am from a  province in Canada called  Nova Scotia which is part of  a region called the Maritimes, it also includes the provinces New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island. This is an area with a rich history, culture, and has strong links to nature, especially the sea.  Last week it was announced that the Maritimes made the list for Lonely Planet’s top 10 regions to visit for 2012.

I’m so excited that the Maritimes made this list.  The region depends on tourism, more so since the collapse of the fisheries is 1992, but I feel it’s an underappreciated region tourism wise, especially for backpackers and younger travellers.  As these travellers make up a large number of Lonely Planet readers, not only do I hope making the list means more travellers travelling to the Maritimes (and my province Nova Scotia), but I hope it means the Tourism Department ,and the tourism industry start taking notice of this segment of travellers and will cater more to them, and their style of travel.

I will have more posts on Nova Scotia over the next couple of months, I will aim to inspire more of you to visit or learn more about the area. I will be looking at some of the misconceptions that I’ve come across during my 5 years here in Europe, and showing off the beauty of the part of the world I spent most of my life living and exploring.

To get an idea of what makes the Maritimes so special, take a look at this short video by the CBC (it is true the food is AMAZING). The Maritimes are on Lonely Planet’s list of Top 10 regions to visit in the world. As the CBC’s Colleen Jones discovers, it’s partly because of the food.

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