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Scrapheap Orchestra and company @ the BBC Proms

On Saturday 23rd July I went to the BBC Proms, Planet Earth. It included big-screen video projections and excerpts from Nitin Sawhney’s score from the TV series Planet Earth’s musical score. What a show it was, such an eclectic group of performances and such a divers set of music.  Encck Mbongwe from Zambia, singer and musical bow player seemed to really enjoy performing and being on stage.  It was his first time outside Gambia so I can only imagine what he thought of London and all it’s noise and crowds.

There was a performance of the 1812 overture by the BBC Concert Orchestra , with their new name the Scrapheap Orchestra.  The instruments were all made from recycled and salvaged material over the past 3 months by the top UK instrument makers.  It was amazing what the achieved, and amazing that musicians who are used to playing their own beautiful instruments were able to make beautiful music that did sounded like a real orchestra from such odd objects as bed frames, wash tubs and plumbing parts.  The musicians and the makers of the instruments, who where there for the performance, got a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

There were other singers and groups from Greenland, Mongolia, Siberia and more. It was truly a memorable night at the Proms!

As a side night it is worth mentioning that you can show up at least 45 minutes before the start of the night and they sell the floor seats (right in front of the stage) for £5!

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