Skyscanner – Site of the Week

Skyscanner is the best flight search tool I’ve seen out there for the European market, and I have a feeling it will soon cover the whole world just as well, they new add routes and sites constantly (in the mean time for those in North America it might be good to do a comparison on Kayak). Sky Scanner is a web scraping tool, it goes to many different flight booking sites and airlines to find you the best deal.  The results come back and you can compare side by side what all the different sites are offering, saving you a lot of time going to each site individually.

Some of the great features on Skyscanner are that it allows you to search as wide as you like, for example, you want to go to Spain some time in June, it will look at all the airports and flights in June from your airport to Spain then show you the results (in calender or chart view) helping you find the best deal. Or it can be as narrow a search as you want; flights to Barcelona, 5th June, only in the afternoon only direct, and not on BA, and voila it will narrow your results accordingly.

Skyscanner also has a route map feature to show you flight (direct or indirect) routes from your chosen airport. Once you get your results you can narrow the results using the column on the left until you find what you are looking for. Be sure to check out their suggestions feature  if you aren’t sure whre you want to go it is a great way to find some amazing deals.

Just 2 things to remember, one when you are looking at low cost carriers like Ryan Air, EasyJet, BMI Baby etc., remember you will have to pay extra on top of the price shown for things like checked bags, and credit card fees. The 2nd thing is to check when the last check was (it shows up under the price) if it is a flight you are considering make sure to do a refresh to make sure you have the most current information.

Skyscanner is very intuitive, clean and fast loading.  I can ‘t recommend it highly enough (and no don’t work for them, though if they weren’t located in Edinburgh I would be tempted to apply!)  So get out there and bag yourself a great price on your next flight.