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Burrito West Blog

me and Lisa

My sister Lisa who is also a Bluenoser by birth now lives on the other side of Canada in Vancouver, BC and she is using her urban design skills to help make it a great city. She is also a great writer, so today I am going to recommend her Read More

Jux - Just Beautiful

(UPDATE: Sadly Jux is no longer due to lack of funding they have been unable to keep the servers running.) I have been dabbling in a new publishing platform that isn’t like any other out there (that I know of) which I have to share with you. It’s Read More

Skyscanner - Site of the Week

Skyscanner is the best flight search tool I’ve seen out there for the European market, and I have a feeling it will soon cover the whole world just as well, they new add routes and sites constantly (in the mean time for those in North America it might be Read More

Ravelry - Site of the Week

I’m an occasional knitter, when the mood strikes and a pattern or beautiful wool calls my name I get my gear out and log onto Ravelry.  A fantastic web site for knitters and crocheters. I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can see other poeple who have knitted Read More

Pintrest - Site of the Week

Every month I will share with you one of my favourite sites.  This month it’s Pintrest.  I love this site, it’s a way to save all the images you find on the internet that you love in one place.  It is such fun, looks great, and organizes things Read More