Have You Tested Your Comfort Zone Lately?

mountain views

mountain viewsMe and My Comfort Zone

Everyone has their own comfort zone and tolerance for going beyond that comfort zone. For some it is sky diving, for others it is travelling to a foreign country, and for some it is trying new food like peanut butter (seriously I know someone that this is outside their comfort zone).  It’s outside this comfort zone you feel, excitement, challenged, and this is where you also learn and change.  Go too far outside your comfort zone, your mind and body will revert to survival mode.

One of the reasons I love to travel is because I get to see and try new things, and thus learn about the world and expand my horizons.  On my last trip to Canada (very much in my comfort zone) I was in British Columbia and finally did something I’ve wanted to do for ages, I went zip-lining.  Ziplining has always look like such fun a bit like flying. The location I chose to try it for the first time, the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, is stunning, vistas of Vancouver and the surrounding area and as far south as Washington state.

I didn’t expect to actually zip between mountains, but that’s what it felt like we were doing on the last 2 lines, far above the valley and tree tops!  I don’t mind heights, but I really don’t like ledges.  The last 2 zip lines really pushed me outside my comfort zone big time.  The guides were excellent and the lines were ordered in a way to gear you up to the next bigger and scarier line, until the last 2.  The very last one required standing on the edge of the platform which was on top of a 3 story staircase, on the side of the mountain, on a box. The adrenalin was pumping but I was determined I wasn’t going to miss out, and I wasn’t sure there was any other way back without a major hike, and it was getting dark, and there are bears in those hills!

Here is a video of that last, highest, and longest of the zip-lines.  You will hear a huge sigh of relieve when I make it to the other side.  You will also see my boyfriend fly by me, I wasn’t the fastest zip-liner in the world, but I was glad I had done it, it was fun and a great rush to push myself, and it sure makes you feel alive.

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