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The Most Amazing Cat Sanctuary in the World

One thing I looked forward to on my second trip to Rome was visiting Largo di Torre Argentina, a square filled with Roman ruins where there is a cat sanctuary.   These aren’t just any Roman ruins,  this square is believed to be the spot where Julia Caesar was assassinated Read More

The Road to Gelato - Via di San Simone

Gelato is just the italian word for ice cream right?  Not quite!  While they have many similarities they are different, gelato doesn’t taste better because you are travelling and have the Italian sun on your face.  Unlike ice cream gelato is not served completely frozen which means a heightened Read More

Italy - 800 Photos Later...

I’ve made it back from Italy after spending 10 days in the Umbria region and Rome.  A good measure how much I like somewhere is how many photos I take.  I now have 800 photos to go through and edit down to the best!  Umbria is such a photogenic Read More