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Looking Back - Bluenose Girl 2011

Sorry for the quiet spell here on Bluenose Girl, I’ve spent December finishing up and saying good-bye to everyone at Sky Sports. Then, with no break in between, I found myself at my new job getting my head wrapped around my new company and new position. While among that Read More

Ross Farm Museum - A Living Museum

While growing up in Nova Scotia travelling with my family usually involved camping and a visit to a living museum.  So I have fond memories of living museums, and I still enjoy them today.  I think it’s a fascinating way to see how life used to be long ago Read More

Time to Relax - Cottage Country Style

Muskoka Chairs

In Canada many people are lucky enough to have a second property to go to on the weekend and for holidays. A place to get away from the city life.   Muskoka in Ontario, 90 minutes north of Toronto, is one of the most famous cottage countries in Canada.  It’s Read More