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Cupping at Ozone Coffee Roasters - London

Ozone Coffee Roasters

I recently spent an evening at Ozone Coffee Rosters cafe/restaurant/roasters for a cupping.  Cupping is a coffee tasting.  Or so I thought.  Cupping is actually the way to taste single origin coffee beans side by side in a fair way, so that one may observe and reflect on Read More

My New Coffee Gadget - A Burr Grinder by De'Longhi

[![Description: Coffee cortado (An latte art exam...]( "Description: Coffee cortado (An latte art exam...")]( to be able to do this one day. (Image via Wikipedia) Read More

Double Double? - Tim Hortons

[![Tim Hortons Spar](,w_400/v1420456080/timhortons_vs2gwd.jpg "timhortons")]( Hortons at Spar in Central London A Canadian Institution After my write up on tea in England it only seemed logical that I write about Read More

Coffee shops in London

Roasters Coffee Co. Mile End

Coffee has come along way in England since my first visit in 1998, and now following the improvement of coffee comes good coffee shops and this week is the first London Coffee Festival.  All very exciting for the coffee enthusiasts in London. Once a month I aim to go out Read More