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Training to Cycle Across Canada


Nathan and I will be vlogging our cycle across Canada journey. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel Ride On! to follow along with our preparation and journey. In this video we talk about how we're training to get ready for the big ride across Canada this summer. You Read More

What Does it Take to Cycle 7000km?

First Year Cycling

I've taken up cycling this past year and I've gone from commuter cyclist to weekend road warrior. One of my main motivators for putting in as much time in the saddle as possible is that it keeps a disease I have called Crohn's in remission. The mutual love of cycling Read More

My Favourite Travel Photo


Go Compare have a competition running at the moment asking people to post a photo of their favourite holiday snap. To me this is like asking which of your children is your favorite. I've been lucky enough to travel a lot and I love photography. Each trip I have loved Read More

Burrito West Blog

me and Lisa

My sister Lisa who is also a Bluenoser by birth now lives on the other side of Canada in Vancouver, BC and she is using her urban design skills to help make it a great city. She is also a great writer, so today I am going to recommend her Read More

Canada Day London 2012

Canada Day London is always a special occasion. There is nothing like gathering with thousands of your fellow country men in Trafalgar Square to make one feel patriotic and a little home sick. This year as in years gone by the weather cooperated and everyone had a grand time watching Read More