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Riga on 35mm Film - Analouge Photography

When planning my recent trip to Riga I came across the E.A.T Riga Tours website when looking for a tour of the city.  They offer a photography tour of the city using 35mm film soviet cameras.  I thought it would be a great way to get to know the city and get my hands on a 35mm film SLR camera, something I haven’t done since going digital about 10 years ago when I packed my SLR 35mm film camera away.

Unfortunately the company had a Swedish group in the weekend I was in town.  Many emails later ( I think I wore him down him down) James suggested I tag along with the Swedish group who would be doing corporate bonding type activities, and although it wouldn’t be the proper photography tour I could then use the camera and see the town.  I was up for that so bright and early I showed up ready to go. However it seemed that Artis, the photographer tour guide possibly wasn’t aware of this plan as he seemed a bit caught off guard at my being there – oops.

Introductions were made, I was asked if I would like the Canon or the Zenit, to which I responded enthusiastically “The Zenit!”.  The response “The Canon is easier to use”.  I explained I owned a Canon SLR’s and it would be great to try the Zenit.  Artist then informed me “Using the Zenit is like shooting yourself in the foot, go with the Cannon”.  To which the Canon was pulled out of the bag and handed to me along with a handful of 35mm film, and off we went.

Myself and the group of Swedes were loaded onto a bus, during the short journey to the old town I looked over the cameara getting myself  familiar with it.  Once Artis gave his group their challenge and set them off I asked him a question about one of the manual settings on the camera.  I was informed  “Just shoot in automatic, manual is like shooting yourself in the foot”.  Oh dear, he was just not getting the point of my wanting to use a film camera.  Which was to see how my skills were after many years of using nonSLR digital cameras, as well as to make it so I’d really have to think about what I was doing  each shot as I wouldn’t have the instant feedback delete and reshoot option of digital.

For the next 2 hours I trailed along with Artist and his group until we met back up with the others. Once back to the base I handed over the cameras and the film (developing the film and having the images uploaded online is part of what they do).  Then after arranging with James to have the negatives mailed to me off I went, and the wait began to see if I had taken any decent photos!

Some of the shots I like, and I like the feel of film, and the graininess of the 400ISO film I used. Some of the photos I took have an interesting effect to them, I can’t say I was going for that effect specifically but it’s interesting and I like it.  I would hugely recommend getting out with a film camera if you haven’t for a while, it is great fun waiting to see the results and as well as having photos that have the feel of film.  If only mine wasn’t packed away in Canada at the moment!

Below are some of my favourites, with the first 3 showing the effect mentioned.

Riga 53mm film         Riga 35mm film

Riga 35mm film

Riga 35mm film

Riga cat hostel

Riga 35mm film, cat.

foot 35mm film

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