Bluenose Girl

Pintrest - Site of the Week

Every month I will share with you one of my favourite sites.  This month it’s Pintrest.  I love this site, it’s a way to save all the images you find on the internet that you love in one place.  It is such fun, looks great, and organizes things you find on the internet in a way that you can then later go to the original source where you found the image.

* Here is what one of my boards called Awww  looks like:*


You can also follow others and see what they are posting:


All in all a great place for ideas, inspiration and to organize the bits of the internet you like visually, in a scrapbook, pinboard kind of way.  I have boards many boards a couple of my most busy ones are, style, favourite places, desks (I’m looking for that perfect space that is both calming and inspiring and organized!).