Bluenose Girl

A Check List For Packing Up Your Life

You’ve decided to move abroad, what next? Well before you start organizing life in Enland you will have to pack up your life in Canada. I’ve put together a check list to help you get going once you have your visa.

2 to 3 months before departure

  • Cancel memberships/subscriptions you have. Make sure to check on any penalties for early cancellations and if ask if there is a work around (transferring to a friend etc).
  • Notify utility companies of the date of your move.
  • Don’t forget to do the same with any points programs you are signed up for, in fact this may be the time to cash some of those points in for such things as your f light, thank you gifts for those that helped out, a night out to relax from all the stress.
  • Start purging stuff you don’t need.  See my previous post Packing Up Your Life for more on this.
  • If you are shipping or storing your belongings start calling around for quotes.

1 Month before departure.

  • Advise your bank and credit cards of a forwarding address and alternative contact information.
  • Start packing away those things you aren’t taking with you.
  • More purging of stuff you aren’t keeping.
  • Arrange mail redirect with Canada Post to catch anything you forgot to change or update.  Easiest thing to do with this is have it sent to a trusted friend or family member, and have them forward on anything that arrives to you once you are settled.

 Week before departure

  • Register with job agencies in the UK.
  • Test pack the things you want to bring as checked luggage on your flight.  If you are exceeding the checked bag allowance contact your airline to find out the charges for excess baggage (some airlines give you a savings if this is pre-booked on-line, so also check out the airline’s website or ask the agent about this).
  • Make sure you have health insurance in place to cover you in England if you are not on a visa that gives you access to the National Health Service (NHS)  (NHS Entitlement for overseas visitors).
  • If you have a mobile, and it will work in the UK (see previous post on this), have it unlocked by your cell phone provider. Then you will just need a SIM only contracts or pay as you go. SIM only is a good site for comparison.
  • Familiarize yourself with the going mobile/cell phone plans as you will need to sort this out in the first days of arrival.  Great sites for this are: MoneySavingExpert.com and Carphone Warehouse.
  • Make sure you have one last hurrah (or as they say here, knees up) with your friends.

With the internet it is much easier to stay in contact than in the past, but it is still important to make sure you let people know you are leaving and how they can contact you. As well make sure you have the contact information of those you don’t want to lose touch with.

If you are bringing your cat or dog with you that will be covered in a post coming up in the next month.