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Online Resources for Your Move to England

I’ve rounded up some links I’ve used in my move to England to help you out.  There are some great places to go online to get support, questions answered, and information for your move to England, here are a few of them:

UK Border Agency – The place to start for the most current information on visas and immigration to the UK.

Canuks Abroad – Information and a great active forum where you can ask lots of questions.

The Expat Canadian Association – An association to represents us Canadians who live abroad.

Facebook – Canadians In London – A group of fellow Canadians that have done it already.

Canadian Network – A networking association for Canadians based in London.

Canadian Expat Meetup – I’ve mentioned meetup.com in a previous post, here is the link to the expat meetup in London for Canadians.

DVLA – How to exchange your Canadian License for a UK one. Take note, you will get an automatic only license unless you can prove you took your test in Canada on a manual car.  To get a license for a manual if you don’t have this means taking the road test.

HM Revenue & Customs – Death and taxes, you can’t avoid them, even if you move country. Here you will find info on how the tax system works in the UK.

How to apply for a National Insurance Number (SIN equivalent) – If you don’t have one straight off your employer will put you on the emergency tax code.  Which you can then call up HM Revenue & Customs and sort out a refund for the extra tax paid, once you get your National Insurance Number.

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