Bluenose Girl

What floor are you on?

Building London

What floor of the building you are in are you right now? Seems like a straightforward question but the answer to this question will be different depending on if you ask a Candaian or an English person.  A question I used to answer without hesitation,  I now need to stop and think about.

This is because in England the ground floor is called the ground floor and the next floor up the 1st floor.  In Canada this would be the 2nd floor because we call the ground floor the 1st floor.  Have I confused you yet?  So here at work I am stitting on the 1st floor (1 floor off the ground), in Canada though I would say I’m on the 2nd floor.

It was one of those things when I first moved to England took me by surprise, I expected my dress size to change, they way I had to look first when crossing the street, but not the floor numbering system!

Wikipedia even has a whole entry explaining the number systems around the world, and a table to help out those who are really confused!

Displacement from ground level/British convention/American convention
3 story heights above ground“3rd floor”“4th floor”
2 story heights above ground“2nd floor”“3rd floor”
1 story height above ground“1st floor”“2nd floor”
at ground level“Ground floor”“Ground floor” or “1st floor”