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Everything You Want to Know - A Round Up Posts

I’ve rounded up the various posts I have done on moving to England (and/or London) in one place here.  Hopefully putting them all in one place will make things easier for those of you out there making or thinking of making the move.

Moving Abroad – Why?

Moving Abroad – Why England?

The Practicalities

Packing Up Your Life – What to do with all your stuff?! – How to get organised.

Should I Being it, Or Will it Blow Up? – Wondering if your electronics will work in the UK?

Bringing the Furry Members of Your Family to England – The ins and outs of bring a pet to the UK.

Online Resources for Moving to England – Various Links to help you find the information you need.

Answered! 5 Questions from a soon to be expat Canadian moving to London – You’re not alone in your concerns, here are some of the frequently asked questions I get emailed.

Finding A Home

Flatmates Make a House a Home – The right flatmates make all the difference.

I Wish I had this site when I was flat hunting – Great site for organising your flat hunt.

Getting Settled

Making Friends – Building a support network is an essential part of  making life in your new country sucsessful.

The Moment You Realize – I Live Here! – The moment you realise you are now a local.

Where’s Home? – It’s all relative.

Moving abroad is a huge under taking, there is a lot to organise, and when you get there, there is a lot to learn.  Everyone has a different experience. If you have any questions about moving to England please don’t hesitate to ask.