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Mini Video Tour of London - Favorite Places and Spaces

I started out for a walk today at 1030am, 8 hours, 15km, and 6 videos later here is my mini video tour of London. Showing some of my favourite things about, and places around London.  Each video is 15 seconds long.  Enjoy.

Her is one of the many little lanes and passageways found around London.

Some calm and tranquilly is almost always just around the corner if you know where to look.

An Egyptian obelisk only 3500 years old (it’s mate is in NYC). Turns out it was a gift from Egypt in 1819, though it didn’t make it to London until 1877 due to the cost to transport it (£10 000, a lot of money today let along back then). There is a time capsule at the base of it with some very interesting objects in it, for more information read the Wikipedia page).


How to tell if London will flood.


Somerset House Terrace

- -

Somerset House Courtyard


St Paul’s Cathedral


St. Katherine Docks

For all the above I used Tout, the new video status update app on my iPhone that I mentioned in a previous post.

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