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Mexican Food in England - A Don't

Some things are better done in England, and some in Canada.  Mexican food is one of those things.  While Mexican has come a long way since I moved to England, there are more options and it seems every month a new resturant opens. For the most part it it just isn’t what I’m used to.  If you’re in a pub and there is anything Mexican on the menu avoid it at all costs (unless you like salsa that tastes like ketchup).

There is once place I would recommend should you have a Mexican craving – Wahaca.  They base their food on Mexican market food.  I find it leans towards Californian Style Mexican, light fresh and easy on the cheese.  You can order a bunch of smaller items to snack on and share, or you can go for a  bigger heartier meal.  I’ve never had anything at Wahaca that wasn’t fresh and flavourful.  Their salsa is to die for and is always a reminder that I need to learn to make my own.

Unfortunately they are only in London at the moment, if anyone outside London has any recommendations please let me know in the comments.

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