Bluenose Girl

Putting My Stubbornness to Good Use

So I’m 2 weeks into my course now and I can honestly say I am enjoying focusing most of my waking time on learning something new.  Not that there aren’t moments of frustration but they are short lived and come with an underlying feeling that it will pass.

Being part of the first cohort of Makers Academy I’m not only learning about how an agile startup operates I am in the middle of one watching as it happens.   It’s been interesting to see how the 2 cofounders (Evgeny and Rob) of Makers Academy work long hours dealing with all aspects of the Academy while keeping calm and focused on the priority of Makers Academy; making sure we come out of the 10 weeks with a good experience, learning as much as we can and leave with a foundation that will make us successful employable coders.

Makers Academy

Makers Academy is set up with things you would expect to see in a typical startup, ping pong tables, a Wii, (reminders to me that this is a male dominated industry) stocked fridge, snacks, breakfast, yoga class and 20 minute massages on Friday afternoon. Now you can see why I am enjoying this learning experience!.

The past week was spent learning about the computer language Ruby and object oriented programming which Ruby it is based on. The concepts are somewhat abstract.  I find my self having moments of clarity, then moments were it feels I have no idea and wonder if I have taken in anything at all.  However I didn’t learn to read and write in a week so I continue to peck away at the basics and then go back to the bigger concepts.  Not giving up and continuing to move forward is key. Even if it means being far outside your comfort zone.  I think this one time my stubbornness is going to come in handy.