Bluenose Girl

Changing It Up - A New Career Path

The past year and a bit has been an interesting one. After many years working at Sky Sports I decided although I liked my job it was time to move on. Boredom had set in, and the options to move up the career ladder in sport production meant working antisocial hours with lot of travel. Not very appealing to me at this time in my life. So when a call came from an agency about a job that would require both my production/broadcast knowledge and my travel background it seemed the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way and I had the worst work experience in my working life. I don’t regret leaving Sky Sports I was too comfortable there making it unlikely I would have really shook things up a by making a risky move job wise. When I found myself with not a lot to lose and a little money in the bank I decided to move forward with a business idea of running a coffee tuktuk and Bluenose Coffee was born. This would be something totally different from I had ever done before. I was looking for a mix of a challenge and an adventure (one I didn’t have to up and leave the country for).


When starting up Bluenose Coffee I had some location ideas, however securing any pitch turned out to be a nightmare. So I started looking for options to tide me over until a pitch could be sorted. This made me realize how much going back to the corporate world was of little appeal. During this time I came across a write-up about a new school starting in London, Makers Academy. It sounded perfect. Their aim was to teach Web Development in an intensive 10 week course while working with partner companies who need developers in order to place students at the end of the 10 weeks.

So I could have a new career in a field that I’ve been interested in (tech) since the day my Mom bought a Commodore64 for the family; a pretty long time. Not only that but I would have a career in a field which is in demand and over the years I could do very well if I continued to build on what I learned.

It all seemed to good to be true but I thought I should apply and find out more. I applied, was offered an interview, passed that and was offered a place at Makers Academy in their first cohort. Evgeny Shadchnev who interviewed me was one of the co-founders and during the interview I asked loads of questions. Then after I emailed asked more questions. In the end I could see the idea and behind the business of the school was a strong one, both Evgeny and Rob Johnson (the other co-founder) had solid backgrounds so I felt Makers Academy was an opportunity worth going for. This decision was made after much anguished debate on my part. Giving up Bluenose Coffee seemed like abandoning my baby but Makers Academy became the obvious choice in the end and I’m exited about this new path and seeing where it will lead.