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Inspiration Initiative - A Blogger Challenge from EasyJet

EasyJet has launched its Inspiration Initiative, challenging bloggers to write about their travel inspiration who/what/where and when’s. I love finding out what inspires others to travel, and there are some great prizes up for grabs so make sure to join in the challenge. Here is my list of who/what/where and when of travel inspirations:


The place I most wanted to travel to growing up was Russia. I was fascinated by everything about it, the colours of the dresses, the Ukrainian Easter Eggs, those amazing buildings with the onion shaped domes and Russian dolls all neatly stacked inside one another.


The reason I became so fascinated with Russia was because my Grandfather signed me up somewhere to receive the tourism brochures from the USSR (as it was known at the time) tourist board. I think he thought I would enjoy getting my own mail, which I did. More importantly it set off my curiosity of the world and other cultures. A truly precious gift.


Winning a trip to Brazil when I was 15. This was my first trip. By first trip I mean a trip that required travelling by plane to a foreign country. This trip was many firsts for me; first time on a plane, first passport application, first time off the continent of North America, first time in a country that wasn’t English speaking, well you get the idea it was a big trip.

Everything was fascinatingly different and such a shock to the senses; sites, smells, tastes and sounds all different and new. Not to mention while I was sitting by a pool, walking along a beach, or bartering for a hammock, my friends back in Canada were shovelling snow! I was sold.

After that trip to Rio de Janeiro I went from being very curious about the world and other cultures to being bitten by the travel bug. The trip had a huge impact on me and memories from travelling to Brazil are still so clear to me as if it happened yesterday. It may have been my first real travel experience but it would be far from my last.


When I was 23 I went backpacking in Europe for a week staying in hostels for the first time. This led to a big change in how I viewed travel. I met up with travellers from far and wide some of whom where travelling long-term. This possibility of travelling long-term, doing so for the same amount of money some people pay for a 2 week holiday, was a revelation for me. I had worked as a travel agent for years at this point and having my eyes opened to a way of travel, different from the leisure and corporate travel I had been working in, was big shift for me.

Here are my Inspiration Initiative Nominees (UK based), I’m looking forward to learning about their Who/What/When/Where of travel inspiration.

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If you would like to join in the @easyjet Inspiration Initiative competition, the details can be found here.