Bluenose Girl

Gaining Experience as an Intern

So it’s been quiet around here. I’ve been busy learning more about code, networking the tech industry in London, coaching future girl Rubiests and job/internship hunting to get my foot in the door as a developer. In among all that I also visited my sister in Poland where she is based this year on her sabbatical and played tour guide when she came to London for a visit.

The good news is I have found a 3 month paid internship with a company called Enternships. It’s great to put my skills to the test in the real world and I look forward to contributing to their code base. Hopefully working here will be a good change from the media and travel industries. There is a focus here which I can relate to which is helping people gain experience and open them up to job opportunities other than the obvious choices that one is so exposed to especially grads at career fairs and such.

Enternships Logo

The journey here was an interesting one in which I tried my best to listen to my gut and keeping my focus on my personal goals and values in order not to end up in a situation like my last job where the fit was so bad I was miserable. With London being as expensive as it is it was stressful at times not knowing how long it would take to find an opportunity but I seem to have ended up in a good place. Enternships is just a small team (less than 20 people) which hopefully means I will get the chance to work on lots of different aspects of their code and learn loads. I’m working as part of the development team (a team of 4) focusing on backend development To you non-techies that means the guts that you don’t see running a web site vs the front end which is the stuff you see when interacting with the page.

My first task was to help improve the redirects from links from the old site to the new one to cut the number of 404 errors. I managed to do this more easily than expect which was a nice confidence boost. My next task is a bigger piece of code that I am picking up from the last intern. This is a challenge in itself as the code is almost done and I am getting my head wrapped around it, as well as figuring out what is left to do.

All in all it is good to be back in the working world, life feels less aimless and move focused. As well I’m moving forward and gaining valuable experience.