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Flatmates Make a House a Home

Flatmates are the norm in London where rents are sky high.  Most all single people I know (and some couples) live with flatmates.  When I first moved to London it was a bit of an adjustment. I went from having my own house, with lots of space to sharing in small London flats (some very small) with others that I didn’t know. I’ve learned a lot over the past 4 years and come to appreciated my flatmates who make up my chosen “family” here in London. It’s nice to come home to a house full of people rather than an empty house.
In total I’ve shared space with 12 other people over the 4 years. Some were dossers, (those that stay temporarily on your coach while looking for their own place) and I have stayed in touch with them all minus the 2 crazies.  It isn’t always easy to vet out the crazies in meeting someone for 20 minutes, about the length of a flatmate interview.  However if there is any minor niggle best to acknowledge it and steer clear.
Another thing I learned is; it can be a harder to flatshare with someone who owns the flat. You never feel on equal footing or that you have a say in how the flat is set up.  Over all it is best to stay flexible when it comes to common areas, be respectful of your flatmates, pay your bills on time, buy your share of toilet roll, and do your share of the cleaning.
[![Tweasel, it doesn't feel like home without my kitty around.](https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-S34HbcZ0JKI/TX1USHzgtiI/AAAAAAAAGzw/pj_ZBaDM-Jw/s320/P1020324.JPG "Tweasel, it doesn't feel like home without my kitty around.")](https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-S34HbcZ0JKI/TX1USHzgtiI/AAAAAAAAGzw/pj_ZBaDM-Jw/s1600/P1020324.JPG)
Tweasel, it doesn’t feel like home without my kitty around.
Camden Flat “Family Night Out”
Part of the fun is learning about another countries culture, and traditions, and sharing your own Olympic Hockey – Go Canada!
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Current and past flatmates in one place.
My current flatmate and lovely boyfriend.