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Remember What Your Dream Destination Was When You Were 5?

Today in the news paper i there was the below list. It’s a list based on a poll of 3 to 8 year olds in Britain, and it lists their top 10 holiday locations.

This list made me stop and think of my view of the world when I was young. I remember the moment I really grasped what a map meant, and what the globe really represented. The place I most wanted to go then was Russia (or as it was known at the time USSR). I was fascinated by it all; the colours of the dresses, the Ukrainian Easter Eggs, those amazing buildings with the onion shaped domes, and Russian dolls all neatly stacked inside one another.

The reason I became so fascinated with Russia was because my Grandfather signed me up somewhere to receive the tourism brochures from the USSR tourist board. I think he thought I would enjoy getting my own mail, which I did. More importantly it set off my curiosity of the world and other cultures. A truly precious gift.

Where do you remember wanting to travel to the most as a youngster?

List childhood dream Holiday locations.

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