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What Does it Take to Cycle 7000km?

First Year Cycling

I've taken up cycling this past year and I've gone from commuter cyclist to weekend road warrior. One of my main motivators for putting in as much time in the saddle as possible is that it keeps a disease I have called Crohn's in remission.

The mutual love of cycling that Nathan and I have has lead to a crazy idea that is now in the midst of becoming reality. Next summer Nathan and I are embarking on the longest bike ride of our lives, a 3 month trip cycling across Canada. We are aiming to raise $1 for every km we cycle (approx. 7000km) for the UK and Canadian Crohn's charities.

Call it a crazy adventure, call it an early midlife crisis, but no doubt it will be the biggest challenge of our lives. We'd love for you to follow along on our adventure, I've built a website with route information and links to the vlogs we will be posting as we cycle, showing the good, bad and the ugly. http://cyclingacrosscanada.com

Cycling Across Canada for Crohn's