Bluenose Girl

I'm Caught on Camera 300 Times A Day.

No I’m not a model or someone famous, it’s said that the average Londoner going about their business is caught on camera 300 times a day.  Once you start looking you realize they are everywhere.  Look up on the train plat form, the funny bubble like things on the roof of the bus or the tube carriage.  On the street corner.  There are even little cars that have them attached to the roof that drive around and park in various places to capture those breaking road rules.

The statistics I’ve read are; the UK has one percent of the population, and it has 20% of the CCTV cameras, making it the world’s most watched country.  I’ve always felt that England too much of a nanny state, the acceptance of the CCTV camera’s fits in with that culture (despite the fact they don’t cause a decline in crime).  There was a report in 2009 that said only 1 crime for every 1000 cameras was solved. This is due in large part due to the quality of the footage.

Footage from the London riots is being used, but as you can see from this BBC, and Telegraph footage, not much to go by in the way of identification of those in the footage.   So why have them at all if they aren’t used to a better advantage?

Apparently there isn’t much to worry about if you are or aren’t doing something wrong, but it makes some feel safer. So what’s the harm?  It leads me to ask where does it stop? With things like face recognition technology and such becoming the norm what’s next?  What crosses the line from security to invasion of privacy, and at what point is that invasion no longer acceptable, and who will set those limits?

A bit of a heavy subject for a Sunday night but with the riots and the general thought that as I run around London going about my life that I am constantly on camera I had to put it out there.