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Canada vs England - Road Signs and Cheesecake

Canadian flagThere are somethings in England that are done so poorly I want to scream and run home to Canada.  However there are things that I would miss dearly should I ever move back to Canada.  So I am going to do a series of posts over the next couple of months called Canada vs. England, which will be about the various things that one country does better than the other.

Road Signs

On my last trip to Canada while driving along a highway in British Columbia which went through a village, along the road there was a turn off, there was no indicaton that those travelling Hwy 99 needed to turn at this junction to stay on Hwy 99.  However after about 10 mintes of driving (and  no sign to indicate we were now on a different road) something didn’t seem right.  We continued along another 5 minutes until we came across a local and asked them.  It turned out the turn off at the junction was the continuation of hwy 99, and so back we went.

In England the road signs indicating which road you are on, and which road you will be on should you take a turn or not, are so much clearly marked not only are there the usual signs on the side of the road, but on really busy roads it’s even painted in the road in each lane.  Possibly the roads in England have better signs because there are more people who travel further afield than their local area in England, I’m not sure but Canada could learn a thing or two from the English example of clearly marked roads.

Hands down England wins on Road Signs.


Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts.  Cheesecake as we know it today came about in 1872 in New York when cream cheese was created, and not long after came along cheesecake.  Cheesecake in North America is almost always baked, and even when it’s not it is still a very creamy, dense, rich dessert.  Unlike in England, which is only alike in colour, is light and fluffy, more of a mousse like dessert than any cheesecake I ever had before, and never baked.  Now it isn’t disagreable, and can be really good, however when I want a cheesecake light and fluffy isn’t what I’m going for, rich and gooey is.

Canada wins on this one easy.

Canada vs. England. 1:1