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Canada vs. England - Bathrooms

Bathrooms! Perhaps not the politest of subjects, however on my last visit to Canada some differences stood out for me about bathrooms in the 2 countries.  In England the bathroom is known as the toilet, loo or WC.  I prefer bathroom, it sounds more polite, and when I say loo in my Canadian accent I feel like I am taking the mick of an English tradition.

First off the hot and cold taps are in reverse (hot on the left, cold on the right in Canada the majority of the time). Toilets in Canada are a couple of inches lower, which it turns out is good for a wake up jolt in the middle of the night.

The tubs in the UK are generally deeper than a standard tub in Canada which I love.

England 1 Canada 0

Now the main reason I’m writing this post, the flush! Yes you read right, when in Canada I missed the big flush of toilets in the UK.  Sure it might take a second to suss out which method the toilet uses in the UK, a big button, little button, lever, or a pull cord on a chain with the tank high in the air, but which ever way it works it will be a big gush of a flush, very satisfying.  Not that Canadian toilets don’t flush properly but they seem a bit wimpy after the confident flush of a toilet in England.

England 2 Canada 0.

Finally the water, when I moved to London I stared drinking filtered water, and I have never had a problem with tap water but I’ve never gotten used to the tap water in London.  Then after a week our so in London my hair felt like hay.  I’ve always had easy to manage hair and didn’t know what to do, I was down right distraught at every touch of my hair (girls you will know what I mean).  All of this comes down to the hard water found in London and the South East of England.  The good news is my hair adjusted and though it’s not the same as in Canada after about 5 weeks it no longer felt like I had hay for hair and so I decided to stay.

England 2 Canada 1

Which gives an over all score of: England 4 Canada 2