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Canada Day London My Photos

Another fantastic Canada Day in London, this year celebrating with us in Trafalgar Square was Wayne Gretzky and Mike Myers! Every year it just seems to get bigger. The line for Tim Hortons was as long as ever (despite there being Tim Hortons with no line a 2 minute walk away), we drank all the Canadian Beer on site, much Poutine (well chips with shredded cheese!? and gravy that was being called Poutine) was eaten and street hockey played until it was time for the music. Then of course my favourite the Canadian national anthem sung at the end, which is now officially tradition.

Canada Day is the one day the flags come out, the boasting of all things Canadian is permitted with out appolgy and we wear our heart on our sleeves for the day. Here are some of my favourite shots from yesterday (click to open the slide show).

I can’t wait until next year when Canada Day lands on a Saturday and I expect everyone I know in London to be there (you have been warned!) ready to party and celebrate Canada’s Birthday with me.

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