Bluenose Girl

Coffee shops in London

Roasters Coffee Co. Mile EndCoffee has come along way in England since my first visit in 1998, and now following the improvement of coffee comes good coffee shops and this week is the first London Coffee Festival.  All very exciting for the coffee enthusiasts in London. Once a month I aim to go out and try a new coffee shop in London.  This month I went to Roastars in Mile End.

My first impressions from the outside were good, modern looking, and it looked like there was plenty of seats of the comfortable variety.  Then I walked in and I was dissapointed to find it a bit dark, while waiting for my coffee I counted 30 of the lights in the ceiling were out! The seats look like they have seen better days, and possibly some dogs have used some of them as chew toys.

On the good side, the coffee was fairly priced and was very good.

So all in all it was a bit of a mix, if they do a little up keep, crack on with keeping the tables clean I would rate it as a great café.  As it’s near to home I’ll be keeping an eye on things and will be hoping for the best.