Bluenose Girl

Party like it's 1945!

After getting back from Paris it was time to start getting ready for [The Blitz Party!](http://www.theblitzparty.com/) A party under train arches in Shoreditch, themed as 1940’s war time.  After searching through the vintage clothings shops and coming up with nothing my flatmate had a Next dress in her closet that was 1940’s tea dress style and fit perfectly! Out came the red lipstick and an attempt was made to create Victory rolls in my hair. Not as easy as it looks despite the many You Tube tutorials I watched.
[![Blitz Party](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1PUtKIno__w/TWKIGF67kOI/AAAAAAAAGys/o37h09flEQM/s1600/CIMG0357.JPG "Blitz Party")](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1PUtKIno__w/TWKIGF67kOI/AAAAAAAAGys/o37h09flEQM/s1600/CIMG0357.JPG)
There were lots of men in uniform. N and J who we met just before the end of the night (I had let my hair down at this point).
[![Blitz Party](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-TzcOTcqnu2U/TWOe9sIr-OI/AAAAAAAAGy0/vzU21Eb7S1U/s320/6923_292179365359_807200359_9209482_6384699_n.jpg "Blitz Party")](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-TzcOTcqnu2U/TWOe9sIr-OI/AAAAAAAAGy0/vzU21Eb7S1U/s1600/6923_292179365359_807200359_9209482_6384699_n.jpg)
The night finished in 2009 style at the Kebab shop Marathon in Camden.