Bluenose Girl

Back in England!

Peggy's Cove lighthouseI’ve made it back from Canada and I am almost over the jet lag (looking forward to a nice sleep in tomorrow).  It was a great trip, very busy.   I almost managed to see everyone I wanted, and eat all the food I miss.  Unfortunately I forgot the power plug to my laptop and so have been terribly neglectful of my blog.

The morning  I arrived back in London from the red eye flight from Halifax, I headed home, changed, then went straight out the door for a job interview (what can I say I like a challenge).  By the end of the interview I crashed big time, so much so that I got on the wrong tube home, and doubled my journey time – ouch.  I had no feeling of how the intereview went, I was just tired.  Turns out I made a good impression, even more so becuase they knew I had been on a red eye flight and I had a call for the job offer before I even arrived home.

Here in England you have to give 1 month notice, here at Sky I have to give 2 months because I am in production. So I am now on my last 7 weeks here at Sky Sports which after over 4 years is more sad than I thought. Everyone has been so flattering with all the kind words as word gets around that I am leaving (and it gets around fast here). Knowing all my regular travellers appreciated all the hard work and overtime over the years, makes it all worth it.

The new roll is an exciting one, a new challenge and with a company that I feel will give me opportunity to learn lots and gain some great experience. What is the position?  I will be working for Uniglobe (a company with Canadian roots) as Travel Account Manager for ITV.  So it is a perfect mix of my travel background and TV background.

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