Bluenose Girl

Alton Towers! Bring on the Roller Coasters.

I love roller coasters there is nothing like that ticket in the tummy they give you and the feeling of being alive when you get off at the end. In England there is a place I have wanted to go for many years, Alton Towers where they have 8 roller coasters.  It is up north near Manchester and requires a car to get to. So N and I decided to make it a road trip before he sold his Mini. The date was set and off we went!

Nemesis roller coaster
Nemesis, Europe’s first inverted roller coaster. We went on this one 3 times.

Oblivion roller coaster
Oblivion, the world’s first vertical drop roller coaster.Hands down the scariest roller coaster I’ve ever been on. A face first drop into a hole in the ground after they leave you hanging over it at the top, (like in the photo) for what seems like forever.

Oblivion roller coaster
The hole. N asked did I see the mist?  Mist what mist?! I had my eyes shut!!