Milk Bar – Wroclaw, Poland

My sister and her partner are on a year-long sabbatical and have based themselves in Wroclaw, Poland.  When visiting I had my second bar mleczny or “Milk Bar” experience.  This is a Polish cafeteria style place that was popular during communism as the food was subsidised.  The few that are still around are popular with students and seniors.  This time around at Bazylia it was buffet self-serve, pay by the weight service.  We came to refer to Bazylia as the posh Milk Bar as it is really quite nice and has a good variety of (Polish) food options.  The key is to show up an hour before close when it all goes for 50% off.  I was there about an hour and a half before close (when it is 25%) and they were still topping up the food).  I had a plate of food and a bottle of Lipton Ice Tea for the equivalent of £2.50, about half of that was the cost of my drink so you really can’t go wrong especially if you like perogies.

Here are my sister and Peter chowing down.  Bazylia is located at the University of Wroclaw and has great views of the old university buildings.

Milkbar #Poland

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