Bricklane – Don’t Miss It!

Indian cuisine
Indian cuisine
Image by Kirti Poddar via Flickr

Indian Food

I thought it only fair after dissing the Mexican food in England in my previous post, I now talk about the food here in England I do like, my favorite Indian!

The first Indian meal I ever had was in Devon, in a seaside town called Dawlish. Not the most obvious place for Indian, but very memorable. I was jetlagged from my flight from Kuala Lumpur but I knew it wasn’t jetlag induced craziness, I was onto something amazing! Such tasted, such spice, the nan bread was so warm and yummy.

I’ve since had many more Indian meals and I’m getting to know my way around an Indian menu quite well (madras with garlic naan bread will always be my favourite).   And Indian was something I always made the most of when visiting England over the years.  There are a couple Indian restaurants in my home town, but curries are something that’s done better in England.

On one visit to London a friend brought me to Bricklane for a meal. I couldn’t believe it a street that was wall to wall Indian restaurants mixed with a dash of cool bars! The place we ate at was fantastic, and I have been back many times, and have only had 2 meals that didn’t make me go wow and eat far more than I thought my tummy could handle for fear of missing one bite. I hope to one day get to every one of the restaurants on Bricklane, and now that I live in East London I am only a hop skip and jump away.

As for that restaurant in Dawlish, my boyfriend is from Dawlish so I’m there quite often, but sadly I can’t go back to the restaurant I had my first Indian at as it’s no longer there (strangely my boyfriend can’t remember it ever having been there). I have lots of options here in London though.