Sunny Cornwall

Cornwall sunset
I finally got to experience Cornwall in summer. I’m at the beach, sort of, yes it was lovely and sunny but the sea breeze was a little on the cool side. So it’s not lay out on the beach but walk around and try and find shelter from the wind kind of beach visit. Not much different from my spring or winter visits to Cornwall really.

Cornwall sunsetA lovely sunset, even with a winter hat on.

Cornwall beachI haven’t done a thing to this picture, the water really is that colour!

Cornwall Stone CircleIn a stone circle.

Cornwall Stone CircleThe stone circle dance as demonstrated by Trethanna, a real live Cornish girl.

Cornwall Stone CircleWith our guide, Molly the dog who lead us to the stone circle in the farmers’s field. Magical.

One thing is for sure Cornwall is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.