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My Favourite Travel Photo


Go Compare have a competition running at the moment asking people to post a photo of their favourite holiday snap. To me this is like asking which of your children is your favorite. I've been lucky enough to travel a lot and I love photography. Each trip I have loved Read More

My Travel Top 3 Wish List

Machu Picchu

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a great deal over the years. Yet it seems the more I travel the more itchy my feet get to see more of this fascinating world. In the past my trips mostly came about due to opportunity striking usually in the form of Read More

How I Travel and Keep My Cat Happy


As a someone who loves travel and loves cats it's sometimes a combination that doesn't mix well (if only cats fit in a carry on and enjoyed travel more). For my 3 years in the flatshare in Camden I lived with others who also loved Tweasel. I never had to Read More

This Week... Last Week

After a great trip to Australia I'm now currently the middle of recovering from jet lag and going through the thousand of photos we took while in Australia. What a difference a few days makes. Read More

Taking a Vacation from Vacation

mountain goat beer yum

Sometimes when you travel the weather doesn’t cooperate and you just have to go with it. Our visit to the Blue Mountains was one of those times. We left Sydney on a cloudy Saturday morning and as the train went further inland it got mistier and mistier. Once we Read More

How to Survive 13 Hours on a Plane

Surviving 13 hours on a plane is a mindset. Unless you're lucky enough to be traveling in business or first class you will find yourself in a small crowded seat where your food choices, leg room and ability to move around are limited. However things have improved greatly over the Read More