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Valentines Day Ikea Love In

London Eye

It's been a year since I moved to SW London. I'm really enjoying the area and look forward to this spring and summer now that I'm on two wheels and can make the most of the parks and heaths around the neighbourhood. There's still a little decorating to do but Read More

A Flash Back Post - Lost in Slovakia

This is a post from a trip taken in 2003 with my sister and 3 of my long time friends Shannon, Lisa and Nicole. Things went a little wrong for us on this particualar train journey after we found oursleves on the wrong train. As it is when things go Read More

Time for a Change - The New Blog

The new blog has arrived. I hope you all like the new look and layout. As it is when you move to a new home there are always a few things left to unpack and find a place for. So please bear with me over the next few weeks as Read More

Burrito West Blog

me and Lisa

My sister Lisa who is also a Bluenoser by birth now lives on the other side of Canada in Vancouver, BC and she is using her urban design skills to help make it a great city. She is also a great writer, so today I am going to recommend her Read More


If You Didn’t Know, The Canadian Passport Under Black Light Is A F*cking Party http://t.co/ZYAQGXwcq3 pic.twitter.com/lYNauMhayX— BuzzFeed Canada (@BuzzFeedCanada) January 20, 2015 Read More

A Slippery Slope

Now that I have my health back I've decided to really go for it and try to get fit too. However like a lot of people finding the time in a busy schedule for exercise was an issue for me. The solution, use my commute as a way to get Read More